Deliver with us

Earn when you want

Delivering for Delivery Bot offers flexible earnings. You can work with us for an hour a week or every day. You can set your own schedule every week that fits your availability. You decide when and how often you want to work.

what you want

We provide a variety of routes containing multi-stop high-paying routes to single delivery orders that take less time to complete. You can view the entire route, item types, and quantity before accepting an opportunity.

How you want

We offer routes for bikes, scooters, cars, and vans. The bigger the vehicle the longer the routes you receive. Simply sign up through our app to start working.


Simply sign up to be a courier through our app to start working.

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You need to be able to legally work in the USA, and to have your own bicycle, scooter or car.

We operate Monday – Friday from 10 am – 6 pm. We may be open on weekends for major events or special occasions.

All routes start within Manhattan, New York and are only able to go online within this zone.-

Our hiring proccess includes passing a background check and completing training videos. You can get approved to start working in as little as 24 hours.

  1. Within your phone settings ensure Delivery Bot location permision is set to “always allow” or “all the time”.
  2. Close the app completely and ensure its not running in the background.
  3. Open the app again.

We only collect your location data when you are online to find routes near you and update customers with delivery ETA’s.

We pay weekly through direct deposit on Tuesday for the previous week. You can check your earnings and deposit status within the app.

You may be, while we provide $100 insurance on each delivery you are still responsible for ensuring the items are delivered undamaged and to the correct address. Make sure to complete the proof of delivery steps required so we can get your back on non-delivery claims.

Pay consists of route pay, tips, and bonuses. It is up to you what routes you would like to complete. The pay per route is $20-$90 and takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

Yes, to prevent having too many drivers online we recommend scheduling in advance when you are available to work. The schedule for the week releases on Sunday. Please refrain from last-minute scheduling cancelations or no-shows since frequent abuse may result in deactivation.

Every delivery has a deliver by time and you’re responsible to deliver by then. We build in a 20 minute grace period before having to start each route. We understand things happen but being late frequently may result in a later scheduling time or deactivation.

For active drivers please text us using the phone number in the app or call us when you’re actively delivering a route. If you’re not yet approved you can get in touch by emailing or using the form above.