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With our advanced technology, we provide you with real-time updates on every delivery, including the driver’s estimated time of arrival (ETA), which you can share with your customer through customizable notifications.

Simply select the time your order should be delivered on-demand or in advance and we ensure we get it to your customer by the selected time at a competitive flat rate price.


Unlike any other courier service, we actually sent the right vehicle for your delivery. As we deal with many bulky and fragile items 90% of our deliveries are done by cars. Vehicle type is item dependent and already included in our pricing. For instance, a flower arrangement or 2 boxes of liquor will always be delivered by car.

We adapt to your delivery methods so you don't have to change for us.

Simple pricing

Every order is different, we can handle them all. Vehicle type is item dependent and included in our pricing.



Economical start to expediting your deliveries.



Customer oriented approach by providing 2-hour time-windows



For those special requests that need to be delivered right away.

Operating in 30+ zipcodes

Selected area's within Manhattan & Brooklyn

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We operate Monday – Friday from 10 am – 6 pm. We may be open on weekends for major events or special occasions.

We offer 3 different types of delivery speeds.

  • Rush: Delivered directly to the customer as quickly as possible. Available on demand and in advance.
  • Time-frame: Select any 2-hour time frame when your order should be delivered. Available on demand and in advance.
  • Same-day: Order must be ready for pick-up by 1 PM and will be delivered the same day by 7 PM.

You may place deliveries to be delivered the same day anytime within our hours of operation Monday – Friday from 10 am – 6 pm.
Rush: 10 AM – 6 PM
Time frame: 10 AM – 6 PM
Same-day: Placed before 1 PM

We currently pick up anywhere within Manhattan below 110th St and deliver within Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bronx.
Rush: Manhattan below 110th St
Time frame: Manhattan below 110th St
Same-day: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bronx.

Some of our clients include flower shops, pharmacists, medical suppliers, liquor stores, laundry stores, bakeries, and a variety of other retail stores.

We have a hybrid workforce meaning we use employees and independent contractor drivers. Deliveries are never outsourced.
All drivers have completed training sessions and passed extensive background checks to ensure they qualify for our excellent customer service.

We use a variety of factors to determine the best vehicle for your delivery including store type, item type, item quantity, and distance.

For example:

  • One flower arrangement from a flower shop going 1 mile will always be delivered by car.
  • One bag from a liquor store going 3 miles may be delivered by a bike, cargo bike, scooter, or car.
  • Two bags from a laundry store going 2 miles may be delivered by cargo bike or car.

Yes! At no extra cost, each delivery includes standard insurance up to $100.00 (if the items were destroyed, lost, or stolen under the control of the Courier). Additional insurance options are available for an additional cost per delivery of up to $1000. View our additional insurance rates.